The Hospitality reception system of every scene.


It is a next-generation hospitality system that strongy backs up the effeciency of reception operations in every scene.



The best hospitality in reception and guidance services.



SHERPA NAVI can be used not only for office reception but also for hotels, shops, events, exhibitions, showrooms, hospitals, restaurants, etc.
It can be connected with other reception systems.

Hospitality reception and guidance system "SHERPA NAVI"  Features

Take a look at some highlighted features of SherpaNavi. 







Use Scenes

It can be used in various scenes regardless of industry types or genres.

We offer a platform of solutions for the Office and Hotel that creates a unified hospitality experience, fostering a meaningful relationship with guests supporting on reception, information, visitor management and quick notification to the person in charge.

We offer a facility guidance service that can be used to eliminate the shortage of human resources by inquiring at facilities and introducing facilities, guidance services, and navigation on a navigation system on a floor map.

You can effectively appeal to the customer by showing the description of products and services in the store as per the needs of the customer. With the help of product searching, product ordering, floor mapping, calling staff, etc which then again leads to the improvement of sales.

Utilization at the exhibition can eliminate the shortage of human resources and accurately convey information that the customer is interested in. Based on your content you can motivate events and lead to promotions. It is even possible to analyze operations and use it for marketing.

It can perform reception procedures with speed and accuracy. Individuals can complete the reception process quickly, which reduces waiting times and crowding at hospitals. Monitors allow patients to follow the status of their appointments, the receipt of medicine and payments.

Utilization in the visualization of customer information. More detailed customer support is possible by sharing purchage history, visit count, complaint handling, points management, campaign information etc.

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